The Most Powerful Tool for Small Businesses

B2B Lead Generation Tool

If you're running a B2B business, then lead generation tools are an important part of your B2B marketing mix. These lead generation tools help you transform prospects into paying customers. But there are a lot of different tools out there, and many of them are confusing and hard to use. But, this tool is focused on the best tools that small businesses can use.

B2B lead generation tools are so important for your business. Think about how many hours you spend on your marketing efforts, how many leads you generate, and then how many of those leads do you turn into actual customers. You don't want to waste all that time and energy on a process that isn't working if you can help it. This tool can help your business generate more leads and thus more customers.

B2B lead generation tool
Boost B2B lead generation with these powerful and affordable tool:

Your address book can be the main source of leads for your business.

  • Create targeted campaigns without writing a single line of code.
  • Seamless, Powerful, Intelligent and Easy-to-Use Marketing Inbox.
  • Send unlimited sequential messages for free to increase engagement and average order values.
  • Automate your networking. Networking made easy for sales teams, recruiting, social and support.
  • Organise Contacts into relevant groups.
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A multi-channel sequential message marketing campaign is useful for companies that adapt to the need of their audience and deliver information via the modes in which their customer prefer.

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9 Best Features of B2B Lead Generation Tool

Personalize the 'From' field for your emails with Name / Company Name / EMail to make it look more professional, and if you're targeting customers that are known by first name, just send them personalized campaigns with this as well.

  • Sync your Google Contacts & Google Labels
  • Create Unlimited Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Create unlimited templates
  • Create groups known as tags to send segmented messages
  • Send Automated Emails, SMS & Whatsapp right from your phone

Now there's no need to stay in touch with customers as frequently because it is possible to automate the process.

  • Set up Quick Replies for a faster response rate
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Options to send Whatsapp to unknown contacts
  • Get the list of prospective customers who started a conversation with a chatbot
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B2B lead generation tool